Alliance Roadmap

We are delighted to announce the availability of “The Alliance Roadmap,” a strategic guide for educators, institutions, and governmental bodies committed to the advancement of peace education.

Your Guide to Peace Education

“The Alliance Roadmap” is a culminating effort from our Integrated Learning for Peace (ILP) project, offering tested strategies and insights on fostering cooperation between formal and non-formal educational sectors for peacebuilding education.

Cultivating Collaboration

This roadmap encapsulates the collaborative spirit, highlighting practical steps and methodologies that have proven effective in our experience. It’s an invaluable asset for those seeking to develop or enhance peacebuilding education programs in their regions.

Multilingual Outreach

To ensure broad accessibility, “The Alliance Roadmap” is provided in English and the native languages of our partnering countries, reflecting our commitment to inclusive and comprehensive education.

Immediate Accessibility

Our roadmap is more than a document—it’s a blueprint for action. Designed for immediate implementation, it’s available digitally so you can start making a difference in your educational practices today.

Free Download

In line with our mission to promote peacebuilding knowledge worldwide, “The Alliance Roadmap” is freely available for download. We’re here to support your journey in educating the next generation of peacebuilders.

Get Your Copy

Ready to lead the way in peace education? Click the button below to download “The Alliance Roadmap” and begin the transformative process in your community.