C2- Training event

The Staff Training Event (TE) (C2) successfully achieved its primary objective of piloting the Teacher Toolkit (PR4), thereby providing in-depth evaluation and feedback on training materials, pedagogical methods and tools designed to train young people for peacebuilding education through an integrated learning approach. This was in preparation for their official release and implementation in the field of peacebuilding. Participants acquired new knowledge and competences for various methods and activities through peer learning and exchange of good practices.

The training event (C2) served as an opportunity to test all formal and non-formal education tools and methods included in the toolkit, assessing their adequacy and value for peacebuilding work. The daily agenda and activities for participants were extremely intensive, structured to cover all PR4 content. Before the training, the teachers underwent preliminary training in the respective sending organizations.

The participants were formal and non-formal teachers/youth workers from each partner organisation, with experience in Erasmus+, formal or non-formal education. Each partner sent four participants, for a total of 24 participants. The training used a combination of informal and formal learning methodologies and was organized by Alternatives in Bansko, Bulgaria