Dissemination activity in Italy

On May 29, 2023, in Tarsia on the occasion of the “Patto educativo Territoriale” a project that focused on the study of papal encyclicals by students, organized by the Polis Association, the municipalities of Tarsia, Spezzano Albanese, San Lorenzo del Vallo, Terranova da Sibari. The culture councilor of the Municipality of Tarsia Roberto Cannizaro talks about Integrated Learning for Peace. “Education plays a vital role in building peace; if a young person enrolled in university is educated, he not only understands and possesses academic knowledge, but also acquires moral values, standards, etiquette, his own code of conduct, decency and effective methods of communication. These skills are all vital to building peace in a world filled with conflict.” Integrated Learning for Peace (ILP) brings together providers from the formal and non-formal education sectors in a community of practice and creates innovative tools for youth and educators. ILP enables the creation of a set of tools for youths and educators, to help educators to adopt methodologies needed for providing the necessary competences to youth to become peacebuilders. The main objective of ILP is to enable innovative new approaches by: creating a common framework of key competencies across the formal and non-formal education sectors; helping young people find navigable and flexible pathways for accessing relevant learning opportunities; blending formal and non-formal education learning approaches for more comprehensive provision, using technology.