Final Conference In Bulgaria

On October 21, 2023, in Bansko, Alternativi International organized a significant event as part of the project “Integrated Learning 4 Peace” . This important conference brought together a diverse group of participants, including local youth workers, school/university representatives and various stakeholders, to highlight and engage with the key outcomes of the project.

Key features of the conference included:

Presentation of Project Outcomes: The event showcased the significant achievements of the project, with a focus on impactful tools and methodologies developed for peace education. This likely included presentations on crucial project results and their applications in real-world settings. During the presentation the main outputs were outlined such as the educational platform and the e-learning courses, training manual and Roadmap alliance.

Interactive and Engaging Format: The conference stood out for its interactive approach, featuring workshops and sessions that were designed to be engaging and participatory. These sessions allowed attendees to actively engage with the materials, fostering a deeper understanding and practical application of the concepts.

Engagement in Practical Activities: The conference facilitated meaningful discussions and hands-on activities centered around peace education and the project’s core themes. Such interactive elements are crucial for effective learning and ensure that participants can apply these concepts in their professional and personal lives.

Diverse Participation: The event attracted a wide range of participants, including educators, policy-makers, and other key stakeholders in the field of peacebuilding and education. This diversity of perspectives enriched the discussions and outcomes of the conference.

The conference organized by Alternativi International in Bansko on October 21, 2023, was not just a platform for disseminating the outcomes of the “Integrated Learning 4 Peace” project. It was also a testament to the organization’s commitment to interactive learning and practical engagement, ensuring that the project’s themes were not only understood but also ready to be implemented by the participants in their respective fields.