First intermediate meeting

On 1st of July 2022, UNIVERZITET CRNE GORE PODGORICA hosted in Podgorica the first intermediate meeting of the KA2 project “Integrated Learning for Peace”. This meeting represented the second transnational meeting of the project and participated in offline and online mode the representative of Alternativi International (Bulgaria – coordinator), Al Azhar University Gaza (Palestine), Javna Ustanova Univerzitet Crne Gore Podgorica (Montenegro), Burch University (Bosnia and Herzegovina), EuropeYou (Spain), MUSIKART (Italy). In the meeting partners representative discussed all project activities realized and the ones to be realized in project phase two:

-Check that the project proceeds according to plan, monitoring the progress of work and taking corrective measures where appropriate;

-Discussion, assessment and evaluation of the Mapping Study (PR1) realized and main results which will be used for PR3 and PR4 realization;

-Discussion about the state of art of the eLearning Platform (PR2) which will be released once the PR3 is ready.

-Development of the online course (PR3) which will be piloted during the Blended Mobility (C1) in Bosnia;

-The organization of the BM (C1) in Bosnia was defined.