Kickoff meeting

On 26th of November 2021, EuropeYou hosted in Torremolinos the kickoff meeting of the KA2 project Integrated Learning for Peace”. This meeting represented the first activity of the project and participated in offline and online mode the representative of Alternativi International (Bulgaria – coordinator), Al Azhar University Gaza (Palestine), Javna Ustanova Univerzitet Crne Gore Podgorica (Montenegro), Burch University (Bosnia and Herzegovina), EuropeYou (Spain), MUSIKART (Italy). In the meeting partners representative discussed all project activities to be realized and especially the activities of project phase one, namely:

-Project management and coordination activities (e.g. realization of website, logo, flyer, communication),

-Development of Mapping study by all partners,

-Development of the e-learning platform (PR2) by Asociación EuropeYou,

-Creation of social media channels by Al Azhar and Burch University