Second intermediate meeting

On 16 of March 2023, association Alternativi International ( coordinator of project ILP) has hosted the second intermediate meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What has been on the meeting :

-Review of the activities carried out up to the date of the meeting

-An overview of the activities carried out before the meeting in Bulgaria was made. First the search for mapping, followed by the eLearning platform and the eLearning courses. Detailed analyzes were made for the e-learning courses by all partners and further arrangements were made regarding how many people should be enrolled as a minimum from each country (minimum 50 people per).

-C1 discussion was conducted by partners, importance of the event, results and achievements, etc.

-Development of the e-learning platform (PR2) and e-learning courses (PR3)
-The e-learning platform has already been developed by Asociación EuropeYou using MOODLE (
-Each commitment partner to onboard at least 50 users to the eLearning platform between April 1 – June 15, 2023.

-Staff mobility will be organized and executed by Alternativi International between June 5-12, 2023 (where the 5th will be arrival, the 13th will be departure, and the period between June 6-11, 2023 will be days of activity).

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